Here at Latitude Overland we offer many in-house services to help you achieve your goal of owning your ultimate vehicle!


We strongly believe that if you're using a vehicle as the sole basis for travelling it needs to be reliable and solid - when we build overland vehicles we offer our customers options to create the best base vehicle possible.

A popular choice of many overlander is the Land Rover Defender. As you probably know most of the reasonably priced older vehicles are usually starting to show signs of corrosion - probably due to our lovely salted British roads!

We offer lots of options to protect your vehicle from the elements, including repairing any rust that's already set in.

Take advantage of our welding and fabrication services

We are happy to undertake welding and fabrication work ranging from simple bulkhead repairs to replacing footwells, crossmembers and outriggers or complete chassis reworking. We repair Defender door frames and keep the replacement section in stock, as a guide prices start from £120 per door to replace rotten lower steel sections.

We can supply repair panels or fabricate parts in-house.

We are happy to discuss your needs, if we can't do it we have a really good relationship with our local fabrication shop.

Galvanizing and electroplated coatings

We can offer galvanising and electroplating of new and old componants. We have older parts shot blasted locally to remove any rust and old coatings, we then carry out any repairs needed then send the items to be galvanised. For smaller components we can have them re-electroplated to give a brand new original factory finish.

Specialist paint and coatings

We are an official Buzzweld application centre. Buzzweld offer a wide range of protective coatings to inhibit corrosion. We can protect the underside of your vehicle from the harshest of elements with a factory look finish. We also supply and apply Rapter bedliner for hard wearing areas. We can also colour the Rapter coating to match your vehicle. For everything else we also offer powercoating in any RAL colour.

We offer lots of other protective coatings including vehicle wrapping, feel free to contact us and discuss your ideas. We also carry out bodywork, wear and tear repairs and accident repairs. Most of the spraying we do in-house but we have a very good local paint shop who undertake our larger projects.

General Servicing and Maintenance

We regularly look after a range of well travelled overland vehicles as well as undertaking  servicing and repairs on all vehicles. It dosen't matter if you have a grobe-roaming 4x4 tourer or a Vauxhall Corsa - we'll still give the same passion to your pride and joy! 

Unit 4 - Dean Farm, New Passage Road

South Gloucestershire, BS35 4LZ

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