Where design meets craftmanship

Latitude Overland is a small family run business hailing from Bristol, England.

The business was started out of the love for building and driving 4x4 vehicles. Although we specialise in Land Rovers, we are fans of all things off-road!

After embarking on several long distance overland holidays, company founder Matt Goodman discovered his passion for functionality and efficiency.


Living out of a Defender 90 while travelling through extreme terrains makes you realise what you need and more to the point what you don't need!"                       

-  Matt Goodman

Because Latitude Overland is a small business we can concerntrate purely on you and your build. We only work on one big project at a time so you have our undivided attention. We take our time to ensure quality is always high and installation is well thought out and put together in a package that suits every budget.


The people behind the creations

Here at Latitude Overland we're all about friends and family.  We all know that combination can sometimes be difficult but in our case we're a team of perfectionists with a keen eye for detail. Although our company is only in it's infancy, we pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship.


Owner founder

Matt is a keen Land Rover enthusiast and a petrol head through and through. With a history of motorcycles and fast cars, if it's got an engine you've got his attention!


Workshop Manager

Owning everything from Defenders to drift cars, Tom has a passion for pistons!

When he's not in the workshop you'll find him mostly riding enduro bikes.



Another car enthusiast, Alice loves travelling, exploring and photography. Our resident graphic and design expert who loves testing out our new cooking equipment too!

Unit 4 - Dean Farm, New Passage Road

South Gloucestershire, BS35 4LZ


(+44) 07753216657